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When I started the practice of medicine, it was not unusual for my nurse and I to be able to spend up to an hour with each of our patients. We were actually given the time to chat, listen, evaluate our patient’s condition and both a personal and professional exchange took place. I’m sure I need not tell anyone reading this that, in today’s healthcare system, I am sadly no longer allowed this luxury, and both the patient and the doctor are at the losing end of this proposition.

Our site is an effort to regain some sense of the shared communication between a physician and anyone who, for whatever reason, is seeking medical information on a level that you choose.

The purpose is not to replace the role between physician and patient, nor to substitute a thorough examination, but rather to offer support, alleviate the lack of information-at-large and to offer a trained ear with an informed, but personal, response.

I welcome your questions, long or brief, and look forward to providing health care information you may find useful.

Please read the Terms of Use.

Dr. Nicholas Economides, M.D.

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